Preparedness Starts with Faith

As a father, I feel the weight of preparing my family, my home, and my testimony for the “Last Days”. I accept this responsibility and take it seriously. Recently, I was asked to start a ward preparedness committee by my bishop and I readily accepted the charge. I have been researching various areas of preparedness for myself for several years, but now I am expanding my research to include: motivating neighbors and ward members to focus on personal preparedness responsibilities, organizing trainings, sharing organized information, setting up zones or blocks in the ward boundaries, finding subject matter experts, listening and coordinating preparedness ideas in a committee forum, etc.

Expanding my personal preparedness efforts may or may not work at the ward level. Who am I? Why should anyone listen to me? If we listen to what our prophets say, why are we all at different levels of preparedness? Is it just about limited finances? I have given the lessons to help wake up the members of my ward. Not much reaction……..what about these quotes I just shared about the Book of Mormon times mirroring our own days? Lots of thoughts are going through my mind as I look at my ward family as I would my own family.

Faith is a wonderful thing and will carry a person through many trials throughout a lifetime. It would be difficult to explain my testimony of faith. It is there, I know it is there, and I know that I rely on it. Food storage, for many people, is a shapeless object in an undesired conversation. My faith prompts me to have food storage and other necessities. How can I share my testimony of preparedness and self-reliance so my ward family would be prompted to action?

A few weeks ago I discovered this blog started by Mark Leck. I was immediately attracted to the simplicity of the certification program for motivating my ward family to action. For the 5th Sunday class on July 31st, my committee and I will be presenting our combined efforts and designs for each family in the ward to understand the daunting task of preparing an individual family for basic disasters. These goals can be reached with the combined efforts of many. As a bishopric, ward council, and as a preparedness committee, we have committed ourselves to follow the certification program ourselves and organize our efforts to help other families reach the same self-reliance goals. In addition, I will attempt to journalize these efforts here in blog form for other wards to follow and compare with there own ward goals.

I have a great love for my fellow man. I know many non-members are searching for ways to prepare their families for the future. Preparedness can be a great missionary tool and it will be as we follow the Spirit, follow the Prophet, and put our faith into action.