Level 2

*Please note that this is only an example of this certification level. Please refer to the Principles of this Program page to learn more about the importance of customizing this program to the geographic area that you live in.

  1. One family member get’s certified in one of the following:
    1. CPR Certified
    2. First Aid Certified
    3. CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) (http://www.citizencorps.gov/cert/)
    4. Licensed Amateur Radio Operation (www.arrl.org)
  2. Insurance Requirements
    1. Home Owners Insurance
    2. Auto Insurance for all vehicles
    3. Life insurance for providers
  3. Create Family Estate Overview Document: This is a document that outlines information about the family’s estate, such as family members information, important summary insurance information, and more information you would want handy in case of emergency.
    1. Family member information: names, blood types, DOBs, social security numbers, medical information (allergies, medications, etc.)
    2. Work contact information and details
    3. Emergency Contact Numbers (Family Members (extended), Neighbors, Family Doctor, Pediatrician, Insurance Agent, Attorney, etc.)
    4. Quick Reference Insurance Information (Life, Auto, Home, etc):
      1. Policy numbers (so you can call to make a claim)
      2. Basic coverage amounts
      3. Contact information for filing claims
    5. e. Family Balance Sheet and Inventory (List of Family Assets/Liabilities, with Account #s, Contact Information, Serial Numbers, etc.) *Making a video of your house, and all major assets is extremely valuable for insurance claims
  4. Photocopies/digital backups of all your important documents (All insurance policies, Titles, Wills, Power of Attorneys, Securities, Home appraisal, inventory, Social Security cards, front pages of your passport, etc). Include a copy of these important documents with you Family Estate Overview. You may consider putting a copy of your Family Estate Overview with copies of your important documents in a water proof bag inside your 72-hour kits.
  5. Family Financial Review (review budget, expenditures, debt payoff, short term goals, retirement goals)
  6. Acquire a Two-Way Radio: GMRS, FRS, CB, or Amateur Radio
  7. Food Storage: 6-months of food, two weeks of water
  8. Emergency Cash Fund: $100 per person/$200 per family minimum

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