I am looking for other LDS Stake/Ward Emergency Preparedness Specialists and Emergency Communications Specialists that feel they could make meaningful contributions to this site. Contributors should have the following qualities:

  • Have experience (either career or ecclesiastic) with Emergency Preparedness or EmComm
  • Have excellent writing skills
  • Be able to demonstrate the ability to share meaningful content and resources to this program.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor to this site, and feel comfortable that you have those qualities, please email Mark Leck at

7 thoughts on “Contributors

  1. First comment: wonderful concept and execution of that concept. Thank you.

    As for EmComm, it struck me that the same pattern of 3 levels of EmComm certification could be used, each with simple tasks that can be completed in a relatively short time. The aggregate of those will add up.

    tasks would be equipment based followed by skill sets built upon that equipment. Following that would be more advanced skill sets (how to know what a message is, how and who to to send it, etc) that allow a member to grow in that skill.

    The various Utah counties that have HAM radio ARRL ARES sections, each have a 4 or 5 levels of certification. Though, these are advanced skills, the patterns that they have, can be scaled down for those of a ward/stake that would like to learn more.

    • Hi Doug,

      I like your thoughts on that. I hadn’t considered drafting a certification program for EmComm, but I agree with your thoughts that the model would work.

      Where are you located anyways? Do you have any interest in contributing?


  2. Heber City

    I am a ARES EC for Wasatch Co

    as to helping, I suppose I can, to a limited degree, but not too much as I have many other items here to do


  3. I was just called to this calling today and have an extensive personal experience with my family’s emergency planning. Always interested in seeing what others have out there. Your cert plan sounds like a great idea. What kind of commitment are you looking for with writing articles?

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